Down and Dirty

Posted: July 18, 2011 in funny, psychology, relationships

Ok so this is not Sex Ed for those of you with nasty minds…(oh and don’t you dare to blink twice, I know ur out there) this post is going to get uuuuugggggly! So in other words we are going to cut to the chase, cut the crap and get down with it…. focus kids focus…. By the end of this post I just need you to answer Yes or No…. (and btw it would help if you do that in the comments section speech bubble top righthandside – building some stats ppl) Ok see this as your confession booth and off course this is anonymous and sacret, see me as your catholic priest.. only with boobs and a tight butt underneath the robe/cloak or whatever they call it (and I know now it seems impossible to stay serious again but try my child). No matter how awesome and great life is, we are faced with serious decisions and if you havent noticed yet decisions is the mother of all fuckups…. So without getting soppy or all psychology like…. I want you to think of the one decision that’s currently causing you heart palpitations, headaches, insomnia, hemorrhoids or what the fuck eva….. (ok this is where you actually think………………) seriously think about it and make it! YES or NO! Are you going for it, YES or NO? Are you scared to try it, YES or NO? Is it worth it, YES or NO. Are you afraid, YES or NO. Does it hurt, YES or NO? Are you letting go, YES or NO? Are you fighting for it,YES or NO?

I don’t care what the answer is….. what I care about is you NOT lying to yourself…. so what’s it going to be?

YES ……… or NO ………….?

  1. B_Twit says:

    Yes, Yes, O Yeees Baby………….

  2. shanewinter says:


  3. Wipe02 says:

    yes LOL YES

  4. Renée says:

    Yes, all right.