Are we there yet? Day1

Posted: August 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

So to start with we’re not leaving on jetplane but in a “Landrover Defender 2.5 or something” so without brackets what I’m trying to say is 120kms/h MAX baby! Ok ok I’ll do the math for you (we’re gonna be on the road the whole fawking time!) .. I did say we’re a bunch of old (relatively young I meant) or shall I say Tuks Alumni travelling to Botswana – Leeu Wereld Baby!!

And the only piece of luggage everyone really cares about is the Almighty and fully equipt COOLERBOX, ok ok I do have a medical aid kit with like 8 rolls of bandage, that should come handy somewhere right?? Bandage for bondage *evil grin*

I’ll try blog as much about the trip (no NO not that kind of a trip) as possible folks, depending on cellphone reception that is!

I’m the right rear winger in the Landie aka the one who needs to dig through the fukin ice and pass the beers, don’t stress non of that happening yet! I’m keeping most of them to myself (taraaaa) which I’m sure will result in pretty interesting blogging/shlogging later on..

I must admit its pretty damn hard to try and stay awake with this stimulating cab drone of the Landie atleast that was what I thought before someone asked me why my window isn’t closed entirely!! Hehe ok 800kms to go to Ghanzi – pass me another beer bitch….

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  1. Mike Roberts says:

    Very Jealous !! I wanna go too 🙂