Day 2 Noting like the African Sun!

Posted: August 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

The thing about the niceness of the Botswana heat is, she’s good good good she’s good she’s nice! So ya’ll remember I’m the right rear wing women (apparently in a Landie you never change positions) and within the four vehicles of our group the Landie is driving in position 3! That is to benefit from the drag slash slipstream otherwise we’ll be left behind 🙂 other than that a few other rules apply to the Landrover Defender as per the Defender Club rulebook, clause 1.4.8 paragraph 5.
These are only the rules that influence the speed factor folks.

One: Windows stay close!
Two: Aircon stays Off!
Three: Primary Coolerbox must be filled with ice at ALL times
Four: The Primary (talking about coolerboxes) must be stocked – nope not talking about water
Five: The Secondary (coolerbox again) must be easily accessible in he back of the Landie in case the Primary needs a refill and don’t worry there’s a Tertiary as well!

So at this stage you surely must have connected the dots. Ok ok in other words: the only way to keep cool in this heat is (drumroll) the continuous consumption of alcoholic beverages!!(U didn’t see that one comming did u?)

Which means:
– That a 3hour drive becomes 6hours.
– The drinking and driving rule evaporates into thin air.
– Ridiculous photos are taken at stops at “Pierneef” tree’s every kilometer or so.
– The Foot & Mouth control centre policemen becomes a BUDDY very quick! And after 3 of those stop’s it has a remarkable influence on the stock situation in the Primary.
– The route on the Garmin are immediately ignored because on the OTHER road the boys cant drive thru rivers and shit!
– Girls NOT trained to pee in bushes, related into re-wardrobing cause its really really hard to aim for us ok?
– and finally someone.. (Just Someone) gets stuck!! ….

Ok long story short. I blame the African Sun for everything that happened today! I apologize for the lodge signs I have stolen. I feel really sorry for african boy that fell off the Fortuner and I still don’t believe that the Amarok’s handbrake didn’t work in the middle of the freekin Okovango river (I mean WHY oh WHY was it used the 1st place?) I’m ashamed that we all started whee-ing very close to each other in the bushes and I do NOT know how the Landrover floor are moisted with Guinness!!

And while I’m busy, I have NO CLUE who deflated the tyres of the nextdoor people’s Landrover at last nights campsite!! But its a miracle that the black guy sleeping inside didn’t notice a thing!! Gggghhhmmmmffff……

Well – we’re finally at Guma Lagoon lodge, tents up and camp running like a well oil machine, tomorrow the fishing competition starts!


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