Day 6 ,7, 8 lay them straight …

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Howzit Howzit? Currently sitting around da fire at Kazikini just outside the Moremi Game Reserve where we plan on seeing the big 5 over the next two days… (Nie die vaste 5 nie ouens fokus!)

A nice camping site with animals walking right into ur camp and where you take bush pee’s with someone on lookout my friend!! Here where we’re camping now I’ll definitely say is the master of roughness in Botswana! On the plus side Africa is catching up with times since our bush ablution has this very European Unisex thing going on, and with Europeans in plentiful the guys in camp are mildly excited.. Ok maybe a little more than mildly…

So today we drove back from Guma down to Maun and up again to the Moremi …and I can proudly say the Primary was stocked up until we got here, presumably because the drinking games went on till very late last night….(And no I didn’t start it) *evil grin* and I hope our juvenile camping neighbors “Diesel” and “Wanneer” or “Worsie” or something like that caught some fish today shame!

Well due to the “climate change” I caught a little Botswana flu… And felt very worried to go to the Okavango Pharmacy to get a “flumix” I’ll tel you tomorrow if I ended up tranquilized … 😀 and you can only imagine how well this flu symptoms is “gelling” with the Africa sun. LO-VING it!! So now I’m testing the side affects on the “Degoran” pamphlet that’s clearly state NOT to have them with alcohol or something…

Hey what’s a girl to do????

Ok chickens Dinner time!! Yes we eat occasionally!! 😀

Day 7

Was pretty much all about the Wild!! Game drive baby!! Saw basically the whole big 5 and as an extra gift Moremi gave the Landrover the chance to pull out a Fortuner that was completely drowned in the mud…. Everyone was on high alert after that and ALL the rest of the waterpuddles was safely “walked though” first after that.. And due to all the walkies it took us the whole day to drive through the reserve and all us girls were shaken, and stirred!!

Day 8

All the tents packed up and we’re ready to go!! And for the last night we have the luxury of sleeping in chalets and eating at a restaurant – all the girls are SUPER excited and maybe for the 1st time in 3 days we’ll also have hot water!! Heeehaaaa but of all the moms are all very happy that there’s only 1 sleepy left! On about the 2nd day we made a rule that whenever everyone starts to talk about their kids we immediately change the topic to “Tigerfish” all I can say is we really talked allot about Tigerfish last night! 😀

So we left just now from Kazikini to Khama Rhino Sanctuary a 560km drive so we’re pretty much gonna be on the road the whole day again and hopefully be in time to watch some well deserved rugby and have a PINK drink .. But first stop is Maun – to fill up the Primary!!

Camp to Home base over and out….


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