Day 9 Im comming home!

Posted: August 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

Slept over at the Rhino Sanctuary and enjoyed a nice warm bed, hot water and a cooked meal – went on a stunning night drive for good old sake and saw…… Nothing, ok not NOTHING but no rhino’s! Actually with the noise levels on the game-drive vehicle I’m not THAT surprised!

All up and ready at 5 this morning… And guess what?? … The Primary safely packed away in the back of the Landie! Yes brother, miracles still happens!

We just crossed the border and are finally back in SA ..
No need to balance myself on a Mopani Tree’s branch just to get a little reception. 😉

We had such an amazing time with such special people so dear to my heart and in between the fun and loud craziness we were once again showed the jewels of Mother Nature and reminded how special our Maker of all this is!

And I’m sure everyone will agree that there is still no better place than home!!

Now to buy some “prezies” for the boys and pretend that they are from Botswana! I’m bad I know it but if I arrived home with a “draadkar” or wooden carved Landrover my son would surely give me the “WTF” look 😀

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  1. lindsay smith bossert says:

    Ahmen! Fun was had by all.