to write or not to write

Posted: October 8, 2011 in funny, love, men, psychology, women

First you start off with a Fancy phone, 1st thing you install is facebook and off course if your under 18 its mxit. You start with sharing a few jokes with your fb friends and poke someone here and there…soon it becomes boring and you hear the new buzzword “twitter” you get one of ur friends to show it to you and before you know you have 500 followers and facebook is suddenly soooooo last year. Bottom line is you are sharing much more info about yourself to strangers than ever before.

These friends and followers begin to respect you and you become a vital part of their day. They then depend on you to make them laugh or brighten up their day.

So like a drug you obviously want more and you start thinking about beginning your own blog ( hopefully more intellectual one than my attemp I hope?) But before you know it your actually writing (not that ur any good so relax) but as with life we’re continuously striving towards growth which brings me to the next question… What do I want to write about?? And this is where I need you’re help… Please indicate which of the following topics will interest you? All financial,scientific and numeric professionals pls don’t even bother to vote 😀

A – biography of trust me one fucking crazy life
B – short romance story
C – a piece on adapting personalities
D – sexual stories
E – sci-fi fiction

Please I need your feedback – pls send this to all ur friends to help me decide. And leave a comment? A,B,C,D,E

To write??

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  1. doveydragon says:

    Well let me see !!! being I guy I would have to say start with D … LOL !!! But how explicit these stories get …heck knows !!! B ….you can leave that out ….unless some of the girlie fans want that !! ME nah !!! Romance is a phenomenon …A sure … to get to know a little more about the crazy little sucker little on a stool (your fb pic) !! LOL !! C …. well that could be interesting ?? How are you adapting !! Ya !! share it GIRL !!! E – Science Fiction !!! Nah !!! X – Files …give that one a miss !! We want only the juicy stuff HERE !!!

  2. Peter says:

    Gee Girl!!! Write about everything!!!! Sex, Drugs Rock n Roll!!!! Tell us how much you hate doing dishes and ironing…. how to make a cake….. LOL A,B,C,D,E