Pinkie Swear

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I open this window and think “what should I blog about” people? I have so many stories to tell and I think what about the people that has nothing to tell??? So before I get emotional (its that time of the year ok?) Xmas always does this to me, shit shit! Anyway what I wanna say is: live your life so that you have stories to tell!! Only you can make your own!!

Ok this one: emmm let me see how many years back was this?? Please tell me I have the Maths wrong this time?? Ok let’s just say many moons ago? 🙂 ha!

So many moons ago there were three!! Oh yes take me and add two! And THEY were definitely worst than me 😀 we even had a team name if you can call it that, and by the way this went down in our early adulthood not teens ! – Oh ok we referred to ourselves as the ….. wait for it: “Powerpuff Girls” yes! Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup! A blond, a brunette and a redhead and not in that order, sometimes it changed weekly.

Destination: Hatfield
Frequency: Mon-Sat
Goal: Ok to basically “hook-up” (let’s rather not get technical on terminology right?) with as many young men as possible! Their level of attractiveness off course lowered as our alcohol intake limit increased but it’s really not that important (hehehe).

Ok so the rule was PINKY SWEAR !! Ok according to wikipedia well mine at least definition is as follows: If any one of the Powerpuff girls gets to 1st base with a young man before we retire for the evening, the other two HAVE to achieve the same! During the same night, and off course one of the members should witness the event (this was where it got tricky see?) Now should you FAIL to do so you would get a terrible punishment!!

Punishment was: That the loser needs to at the next outing wear a non fashionable “frill-dress” out !! Ok so if you think about it, this attire will ultimately cause failure again and could be the start of a terrible array of ultimate disappointment and social disaster!! DISASTEROUS I tell u!

Ok so this one night!! We were all dressed up and since non of us had any success at “Dropzone” decided to head over to “Good for Fellas” this is where the kak started! See there was this very cute little young stud wearing a “Bugs” (alcoholic beverage back then) promotional t-shirt walking down the pavement heading opposite direction we were heading in other words heading towards us! With he’s minion friends tagging along a few meters behind him. To say he was mildly intoxicated would be an understatement!! So… as “Blossom” were walking in front she had this wicked idea to walk up dead straight to the guy say NOTHING and continue to kiss the living daylights out of him… Now this is typically a situation where upon you would have needed to act FAST !! So without even had discussed this “Buttercup” immediately carried on where “Blossom” had ended. Now please keep in mind that this guy is now thinking he had died and gone to heaven, and to top it off he’s whole group of friends were standing a few feet away to witness this event…. We gave the guy a second, ok maybe half a second and then wham-bam there goes “Bubbles” for the kill! Afterwards we just left him still shocked standing there without so much as even a smile and we walked away like “Charlie’s Angels”!

So the competition was ON and we were activated!!! The night was long and eventful and to top it off we met some Canadian rugby team, which really complicated things because back at “Hergunters”(yet another drinking establishment) they bought shooters by the dozens and bragged about the exchange rate counting in their favour!! Needless to say we got motherless and at about 4am I went to ask the cleaning lady to open up the doors since I was sure “Blossom” were passed out in their toilet!

I was right!!! And I managed to drag her out in the open and get a bouncer to watch over her as I went to call “Buttercup” to report as our lift home were on route and ETA was about 5 minutes.

I found “Buttercup” inside Dropzone gathering her things together and we were climbing down the steps, I still remeber spotting our lift next to the road in the corner of my eye! It all happened like the travelling bullets in the Matrix movie, I kid you not. And que… “Blossom” intimately tongue tied with the bouncer!(Barely able to stand on her feet!!) I turned around and realised that “Buttercup” has “latched on” to the boy carrying her jacket on our way down and I felt like the Vietnamese soldier being shot to ground on the battlefield….. I went down hard…..I felt my heart stopped!

I still can’t talk about the happenings of the next night out, and my therapist is still of the opinion that the trauma has left some serious sCars….

But the story is now told!!!

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  1. Loshuis streke klink dit vir my……… lol I can remember one specific night with some one smashed to the ground on a bday party ……………….