Weird Girl

Posted: August 17, 2013 in funny, men, student life, women
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I’m definitely weird….. as a girl I mean. In my “other life” I could have been male… no I don’t mean I always think with my vajay-jay ok???? ūüėČ

But tell me, dont you think this is weird?
Ok so I love beer….. im more excited by the super rugby series than the edgards red hanger sale! I love diy projects at home and gardening! I am continously fighting for possession and control of the magic freekin wand aka REMOTE CONTROL. .. and when I am steering the dstv I will garunteed flip through 150 bloody channels and then end up with ….wait for it……¬† on TOP GEAR…. this and the series “friends” are the only two shows that will always make me laugh!
Oh yes AND… my name is Jeanette and I burp….. I kid you not and not how…… This one time in high school I bunked home economics class to go watch a¬† cricket one day match with the all boys technical drawings class. I burped out loud and the teacher asked who it was? My buddies not wanting to tell it was me had to each suffer the vivacious blow of three strikes on the behind needless to say they we’re less thrilled with me…. I had to provide the drinks for the next few house parties… I swear

if I had balls im sure I would have scratched them in public…

Also at varsity I studied psychology and in stead of dressing up like the rest of the fashionistas I came to¬† class in shorts and flipflops and ended up doing artificial inseminations on cows with the bio-agric boys….
I always join discussions about pretty ladies and even compliment some boobs, threesomes is a term that excites me… I recently went on a trip to¬† Cape Town and ended up being “picked up” by two girls!

My whole working career ended being in the motor industry…and I love it! Ok well I havent exactly¬† changed my cars oil yet and reckon that if you hear funny noises whilst driving your radio isnt load enough! My 1st car was a bakkie! (Named “Sarie”)..
There is noooooothing more relaxing on a Sunday afternoon than watching F1….and in my mind there can be 100 discovery¬† channels. … I dont cook or bake for fun, and I base life decisions on rock-paper-scissors!

Isnt it weird? Please tell me I am not the only girl like this? Am I weird or what?

Cause Im sure as hell not confused, I love men! I sit when I weeeeee and I also wear makeup. I have long hair and walk talk and sit VERY feminine! I dress up…. I cry when I see homeless people and sneeze like a mouse squeaks… I drink pink drinks with umbrellas in them and plan oufits days in advance…. oh and I hate spiders….

Sooooo any comments? Am I weird or what??????

  1. Gerhard says:


    That sounds very interesting. Guys must love spending time with you then. Think it is weird in a good way :p