5 am bitchesssssss

Posted: January 23, 2015 in Uncategorized

Ok so aparently it takes a motivational coach from SalesGuru (Venetia Butler) to give me a big fat kick up my ass an open my world up to the 5 a clock club… (its day one ok???? so let’s not get ahead of ourselves here) It would be fucking mind blowing if i can keep this up for 66days) yes thats how long science says you have to do something before its becomes a rabbit… fuck sorry I mean HABIT! So at 5am i go jogging followed by blogging (apparently I’m writing poems as wel ghe-ghe)….

Right bunnies soooo sorry hey i see some serias freekin  dust gathered on this shelve for a year while i slept in late and cuddled with my dark emotions….  ( u’ll be glad to know i havent murdered any of my family members in their sleep) but i sure as hell started investing in the “grape” business…. 😉 and some things should never change. uh-uh ..i know u wanna say something. .. just leave it……. 🙂

Ohhhh lots to look fw to ( have an end in sight  always) some gr8 stories are gonna be written here… some funny some naughy some nice……. “i feeel goooood taratarada” (downloading that song now……

and…. A for freekin away …and. (drumroll) capetown next weekend… whooop whooop…

Thought for today: if u cant help yourself help a friend out today!! (use it like you want *evilgrin*)
It’s Fiiiiiìday! signing off see u monday babies….



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