if everything was easy

Posted: January 26, 2015 in Uncategorized

fuck. … sorry that’s how I feel…Today wasn’t as easy and self liberating as Friday??? This morning I felt the shackles around my anckles chained to the bed…. ( and NO not in a S&M kinda good way *wink*)

The run was nice…. had less energy this morning (probably due to the wine consumption last night) but the fresh air was beautifully fresh. I regret not sticking to my diet this weekend and i drank too much… but who in the hell go for a run if you can enjoy a glass of wine….. duh????

I reckon if everything were easy we wouldn’t have winners… and im a winner! !! might be in the Olympic wine drinking team 😉 but i am … “wine” is “win” with an “e”.. coincidence????

i showed up… that’s all it takes… im here… now living and having fun!




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