bridge club…

Posted: January 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

goodness fuckin gracious me… 5 am club, 30 day challenge club,  vino club, sabie tube race club…what’s next fuckin bridge club.???.. (im in if i can actually sit and do fuck-all in that club just saying….)

Jeeeez but with struggling so much to get up at 5am i DO feel like an old lady and after literally hearing my fat wobble while i plank for 30 seconds(tx Tyna) its clear evidence that i am old… ok ok old….ish????

Bottom line I love all of you, who does this with me. We need each other, and we inspire each other, and that’s something  very magical!!! One day when we are 80 (fuck we dont have an 80yr old in one of these groups already right?) as i was saying when we’re 80 and playing poker (phhtt bridge??) while smoking too much we are going to talk about these pow-wows and laugh about it!

Ps: I also blog 5am in the mornings so anything you say might be held against you!!!

ok now im gonna sit at the bottom of the stairs to my room untill the feeling in my legs actually returns…. Might take a while…… ok someone send help….. ???

can the help look like him pls???? *evilgrin*



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