Me in a Nutshell

Funny that I’ll refer to myself as a nut, since sometimes (as you’ll soon find out for yourself) I pretty much am nutty!! Weird, I have been called funny (yes by actual people) well I try to be atleast?

Listen you’ll either hate or love my stuff – I dont see an in between for us, so if you hate me now rather dump me now and get it over with (I dont take rejection well) and simaltaneously (see I CAN use big words) if you like a post, pretty please tell me?? It always helps 🙂

Thanx Chickens.. gotta get busy….

Ok so I decided to add some pictures? *blush*





  1. Tolla says:

    Ek dink jy lyk stuning.

  2. doveydragon says:

    You gotta love this girl !!! Otherwise she may stalk you forever !!! LOL !!! With an axe in hand !!! Nah ….shes just awesome !!!

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