Day 3,4 & 5 Tigerblood Baby!!

Posted: August 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

Ok so all up early and venture down to the river to start our fishing expedition. We all divide into two groups and the competition in on everyone geared! I can clearly identify the two groups into the fishing team and drinking team by just looking at the coolerbox size vs fishing gear ratio’s. Ok its no challenge to guess into what team I divided myself into! 😀

I just figured the drinking team will have minimal pressure and that would allow for better fishing over all and even if this team fail dismally we would have had fun doing so! On the fishing team’s side however you could see the seriousness, I’m talking fish and tackle like you’ve never seen before! I could hear the theme song of Rocky just by looking at them!! It gave me the shizzles ….

Also I need to add that the same african sun theory applies on boats as per traveling in car only add about 10times the strength!! Good god it got hot on those boats on the river??? Its you, the delta, and offcourse the friendly crocs and hippo’s in the river all sharing a common goal – the TIGER’s !

Ok so the drinking might have affected our game a bit? I mean its really difficult to reel in a tiger whilst struggling to balance yourself on beer bottles and cans, and with our little boat looking like a fraternity the day after limited us to find our hooks and bait and needless to say I was really busy moving the passed out dude on out boat occasionally to try and limit he’s sunburn (epic fail). With all of that I found it very hard to concentrate cause the VERY english chick in our group started to speak fluent AFRIKAANS after like her 12th “Spin” I guess it was more mimicking since the profound appearance of afrikaans swear words uttered.

So its obvious our team didn’t win…

…………. But ……………….

We all caught Tiger fish in the Okavango Flippen Delta and it was amazing!! Goosebumps “chariots o fire” kind shit!! Whooooooohoooooooooo Tigerblood baby!!!

Ok for day 3 we’re on our way to the Caprivi for some game viewing.. Can’t tell you anything about that since were still driving there…

Asta la Vista baby – I’ll be BACK!!

  1. Lindsay Smith Bossert says:

    wheeeeeeeeeeee! Was your cry at the antisipation of landing a Tiger….. love to see you on a roller coaster ride! hehe